Living in Sheffield

What first comes to mind when you think of student life?

Is it the freedom to do what you want? The prospect of having no money? The ability to neck lots of alcohol? The idea of constantly swimming in debt? or the horrific thought of having to endure PowerPoint filled lectures daily?

Before starting university I wasn’t entirely sure on what I was letting myself in for. I felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement. However, far into the year, I now feel that student life is something everyone should experience at some point in their life.

From my own experience, since starting university in Sheffield in September 2015, I feel that it has allowed me to grow as an individual and knowledge a different way of living.

Growing up in a small town called Thrapston, which is located in the middle of nowhere (literally!) Sheffield has been a huge learning experience for me. From not being a city girl, the fact that you can get public transport to so many places is exciting (sad I know). Not looking out my bedroom window and seeing floods of sheep was something very strange that I wasn’t used to. However, I’m kind of enjoying the view of a graffiti decorated, closed down nightclub from my bedroom window in halls.

Having to do stuff for myself (cooking, cleaning etc.) was slightly challenging and annoying at first but now I’ve started to realise I’m more of a Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen and a Kim and Aggie in the cleaning department.

Sheffield, the city itself is great because everything is on your doorstep. The heart of Sheffield’s entertainment for students includes a range of restaurants, one of England’s biggest shopping centres – Meadowhall, funky bars and fabulous night clubs. For students it is virtually impossible to get bored.

I’ve found that the people in Sheffield are far more friendlier than those at home. I like the fact that when I go into Greggs for my daily pastry I’m greeted with “hello love” and left with “have a lovely day.” I’m sure it is the friendly Northern nature, as at home, in the Midlands you’re lucky if you get a slight “hi” from any passer-by.

Sheffield living is also very, very cheap and if you’re a student at Hallam, you’re even provided with a luxury student discount. Although, watch out for those high street shops, as they’re forever luring me in on their special deals (it’s impossible to resist).

If you’re feeling ‘cultural’ and adventerous, Sheffield’s Peak District is full of nice, long country walks, and a few good pubs too!