Things that are likely to happen to you as a student (good and bad)

Studying put aside, there are plenty of things that are likely to happen to you once you are at university. Some embarrassing, some not.

Firstly, during fresher’s week you will meet a tonne of new people of whom you no longer speak to and wouldn’t recognise if they passed you in the street. You will discover the bizarre society ideas, such as acknowledging that ‘tea drinking’ can actually be made into social event. During pre-drinks or ‘prinks’ as some people like to call them, ring of fire will become your new favourite game and ‘never have I ever’ will inform you about the type of people that you’re living with for the rest of the year.

In fresher’s week your first student loan will come into your bank account and you’ll suddenly believe you’re the new Alan Sugar. However, this fantasy doesn’t last long when you are later informed that your first rent installment is due in the next week.

At university, eating pizza for breakfast will be deemed as ‘normal’for bloggg

and walking around the city centre in your pyjamas will also be considered acceptablefor blog 2

Netflix will become part of your life, as it is most likely to take up fifty percent of it. Completing a twelve episode TV series in one day will become an everyday task and evenings not spent on Code or Tank nightclub dance floor are most likely to be spent with Netflix.for blog1 (2)

Daytime TV will also become a normal thing, as you will become a regular watcher of ‘Countdown’ and ‘Come Dine with Me.’

Shopping will become a chore, as you will have to deal with the dilemma of whether to have a 95p microwave meal for dinner or pasta again for the third time that week (and it’s already Wednesday). Dolmio sauce will become your best friend, as your pasta becomes blander and you have to experiment using every one of it’s flavours.

Alcohol shopping will also prove more difficult, as money struggles are at a high, therefore you’ll have to sieve through every bottle, carefully inspecting each ones price and percentage. Eventually, you’ll choose the cheapest wine with the highest percentage. However, you’ll then be left with the problem of having to carry all of your shopping items home. It won’t matter to you that you’ve got a weeks’ worth of shopping, as a student you will not push yourself to pay for a five pence carrier bag.

Although, if you think about it ‘logically’ Santander has just generously given you a whopping £1500 overdraft, so it would be silly not to use it. If you do eventually decide to purchase a plastic bag. You’ll take it home and put it in ‘that random draw’ along with the other 108712 carriers.

Cooking will become something of creativity, as you will have no choice but to mix anything and everything you have in your cupboard, together. Food brands will no longer be a thing, as Tesco everyday value and Aldi will own your kitchen.

As deadlines creep up upon you, you will still find that the library is a great place to do anything but work. You’ll tell all your friends that weren’t there that you’ve been at the library for five hours. Not informing them that one hour of that was spent putting your head up to people watch, two hours of it was spent chatting and one hour was spent refreshing your social media.

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You will find that university will make you closer to your family than ever before. When you go home your parents will happily be willing to cook you decent meals and do your clothes washing for you, whilst you sit there and do absolutely nothing.

Going home is also a great opportunity to take a few extras from your house cupboard to keep you going for the week.

On a night out “stick it on the Santander” will become too much of a regular phrase and a £20 night out at your university will seem just as expensive as a night out in London. for blog1 (3)

Extremely cheap drinks will be the death of you, as there is an incredibly high chance that on a night out, after far too many £1 drinks at Code you will have to be escorted home. This swift departure will be completely forgotten about when you wake up in the morning with annoyed flat mates and you having no clue to why.